The Factory

Our factory is ideally designed for model making, with all the tools and machinery necessary to create a wide variety of projects. We always have the right tool for the job. Whether we are machining intricate parts in aluminium on one of our CNC machining centres or laser cutting acrylic, 3d printing prototypes or creating technical patterns from wood, we have the knowledge and equipment.
When it comes to finishing our models, we have fully equipped spray shop facilities including 3 water backed spray booths, anti static dried air supply and drying cabinets.
We also have an art department for fine airbrushing, hand painting, technical masking, water slide transferring and vinyl graphics production.

Our Facilities

Our CNC area is equipped with the latest 3 and 4 axis machining centres. Add to this our toolroom facilities, with top line CNC spark eroders, 4 CNC machining centres and 3 Bridgeport milling machines, there aren’t many materials we can’t work with.
This is where the magic happens (pardon the cliché) , where the models are constructed and detailed.
Our woodshop contains everything needed to create amazing woodwork and carpentry.
Here we have all of our high end design computers. Loaded with the latest Solidworks and Edgecam 3D design programs, along with Adobe creative design suites. It’s also a quiet place to think and problem solve.
In this area we have 3 large polyurethane moulding machines, 2 of the latest digital Arburg injection moulding machines and also a silicon injection machine.
The fettling team can skillfully prepare any model or moulding for painting always ensuring that any fine details remain intact.
The spray shop produce a wide variety of finishes. From high gloss piano black to metallics and soft feel coatings. You can be sure the finish will be second to none.
The Art Shop is were the fine detail for models is applied. Airbrushing, sculpting, detail masking, fine assembly, our artists are highly skilled and will make sure you model leaves looking great.

Our Location