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MTV Asia Awards

MTV approached us to help them create an award for the MTV Asia Music Awards. The award show was going to be held on Valentine’s Day, so the theme of the show mirrored this, this meant that the award itself had to be Valentine’s themed.

MTV provided us with some rough sketches of a slightly evil looking cupid and asked us to base the award on that. Our in-house artists took these drawings and created a sculpture out of clay. We took a silicone mould from the clay master and then poured a resin version, this was cleaned up and then silicone cast again to create a master mould from which all the awards would be pulled from. The bow and arrow were made from perspex. The heart belt buckle was made from perspex and then silicone moulded to create resin copies for all the awards. Inside the award we made a custom sound card, when the winner picked up the award it played the theme tune for the show.

Press play to listen to the theme tune